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The ethnic minorities could use the various features of design management to create original and striking trademarks to help themselves familiarize with the customers. The professional look to this practice is immensely important so that the customers see potential in the businesses of ethnic minorities.

In order to create consistent marketing ploys the ethnic minorities should use the marketing techniques in consistence with the design of their respective businesses. They should gather insight knowledge about their customer markets to know more about their customer base so that they could fabricate better marketing campaigns to cater to their customers better (Macmillan. Gushue, G.V. ,2006: 68)

By carefully analyzing the various features of design management the ethnic minorities could develop core competencies which would allow them to bring out fresh and innovative ideas and products to the market in order to create an image of a brand which is innovative. This would boost the image of the business as well as help to expand the market size. This would definitely help in improving the performance of the business.

Design plays a fundamental role in the development of a product and brand as a whole. In order to create competitive advantage creativity is needed design management paves way for creativity. The ethnic minorities could capitalize on this fact and improve the productivity of their businesses (

The most important economies of the world are focusing on the design management to help their economies grow. The U.K government has been helping the ethnic minorities to adopt better strategies and marketing ploys to help them grow (

The government has realized the potential of design to create competition among the local businesses including the businesses of ethnic minorities. The government has taken pragmatic steps to ensure that the businesses of ethnic minorities in inner cities prosper through design management. These small businesses have immense potential to not only grow but to contribute to the economy as a whole.

The businesses of ethnic minorities could use design to better design their policies regarding innovation. They could also use design to improve the policies of communication of the business. ( This would help the businesses of ethnic minorities become efficient and more innovative. By improving the communication policies through design the businesses would be better able to respond to the ever changing needs of the customer base.

The investment in design management practices is not in vein. The benefits which are brought on by adopting design management, more than offset the investment and help the businesses to become global, which is of importance in today’s global economy. The ethnic minorities should not hesitate to invest in design management practices and must keep in view the benefits which are related to the incorporation of design management into their businesses.

Those businesses of ethnic minorities which are struggling in the inner cities and need to restructure their businesses can especially benefit from the design management. Design management enables businesses to restructure themselves in an efficient and effective way so that the businesses turn out to be successful and productive (

A research shows that those companies which incorporate design tend to grow faster than those which don’t consider design management. The ethnic minorities’ businesses should take a cue from this important research finding and use design in their firms to help their businesses grow and achieve their potential.

Design management has one another inherent benefit in the fact that it is internal and thus it can be used as a secret recipe for a business’ growth. Thus the ethnic minorities can also utilize design and reap the benefits without others knowing the underlying secrets to success. This would immensely help businesses of ethnic minorities in the inner cities.


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