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About Tesco PLC

Tesco PLC is one of the leading retailers in the world and is cited as the third largest UK based grocery retailer  with over 4330 supermarkets in Europe (United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Hungary, Poland , the Czech Republic , Slovakia , turkey), South East Asia (Thailand , South Korea, Malaysia , Japan , China ) and the United  States (Silo Breaker 2009).

Tesco PLC has interest in grocery, non food-food items, financial services and telecommunication. Its worldwide sales were 59.4 billion in 2009 and over 470, 00 people employ across 14 countries in 4330 stores (JPS 2009).

Tesco is one of the biggest and leading supermarket retail chains in the UK. It operate 2,306 stores and employ more then 286, 394 people.  In UK Tesco sales have increased every year, for 2009 sales were 41.5bn relatively compare with previous year (37.9bn) sales has increased by 9.5%. Tesco has widely spread and being close to the customer in the UK, Because Tesco has developed range of different concept of stores. Which are Tesco extra, Tesco, Tesco metro, Tesco express, Tesco one stop, Tesco home plus. These different types of store formats strategy of Tesco has been influenced to obtain some of the best retail positions. According to market analysts CACI Tesco controls more than 36% of the overall UK grocery market share; it was 30.6% in 2006 according to Defra Economic and Statistic (TNS 2009).

Further DATAMONITOR had revealed Tesco has largest market share in 84 out of 121 postal districts around the country in 2009, and it was 87 in 2008.  These figures indicate

Tesco is the dominant supermarket in more then 70% of the UK 121postcode areas. Other supermarket grocery chains dominant are relatively not significant, namely Asda only control 23, Sainsbury’s only 14 and Morrison’s only 13.  Even though in areas where Tesco is not in control, it has typically secured the second- highest market share. For example in 14 districts Tesco has more than 40% of market, further 45% of market in more then five towns (Datamonitor 2009).

Even Tesco has wide spread of dominant regions; its further expansion strategy of retail supremacy at local level is very forceful. According to the Times Tesco have approximately 76 outstanding planning applications, from convenience stores to hypermarkets; most of them have been logged past year (Datamonitor 2009). This most dominant force and aggressive further expansion strategy of Tesco is controversial. Some research suggests, becoming pre-eminent in a growing number of areas across the UK.

Open and closed incidents

Disaster victim identification is possible as by knowing the framework of incidents. It helps administrative staff to investigate the root cause of disasters. As far as open incidents are concerned, these are basically large scale incidents, where victimize individuals exact number is not practically possible to know. For instance, open situation refers to natural disaster. In few years back tsunami flooded many thousands people to wipe out them from the surface of earth. Such incidents have been categorized as open incidents. On other hand, world wars surround individuals in such crucial situations. Many thousands used to be killed by troops. Disaster victim identification conceptual framework can be helpful until the war is ended. (Adams, Bradley J. and Byrd john E (2008)

Close incident is that, where all provisional number and details of dead victim can be easily obtained. Close incidents are easy to investigate for authorities. Natural disasters don’t come up with minimal consequences or occur within controlled environment. Terrorist activities used to commensurate in close setting, where details prejudice aren’t bigger issue. These days, mass fatality incident used to be comprised of close and open incidents. This is complicated situation for disaster identifiers.

Thailand capital had the worst flood in the century. Environmental experts had declared it a lunatic human activity for turning an unusually heavy monsoon season into complete disaster. However, industrial zone of Bangkok was adversely affected by disaster. Many thousands people have to quit out of their homes to save their lives. Many experts shared their significant opinion on this uncertain flood. Human activity horrendously affected to natural waterways, damming, overbuilding in catchment areas. Administrative staff couldn’t plan accordingly for urban sprawl, warning systems, and social responsibilities to keep tunnel clean. Disaster victim identification principles categorize this incident into open incident; nobody knows the exact number of decreased. For future safety, 45 miles had been reportedly laid in between to restrain water flow. Henceforth, new flood drainage canals and flood barriers were built to protect future uncertainties. (Seth Mydans (2011)

Humanitarian disaster was given existence as by 10 week continuous bombing of NATO. However, Yugoslavia has been presenting the view of human miseries. Thousands of people were brutally killed in such toxic bombardment of air jets, where millions have been displaced in response to warfare activity. World health organization reported it to be looming with continuous respiratory and pneumonia problems. World health organization teams seriously raise their concerns regarding the safety of masses, where clinics were completely destroyed. People didn’t have food to eat and place to live. (Cabinet office (2011) Hereby, survivors of bombing had urgency of getting appropriate food and clinical services. The author of study would not categorize this 10 week bombing into close category.

Nobody knows the exact number count of people decreased in mean while of bombardment. On other hand, unemployment rate has been largely affected inside war zone. Thereby, majority of people couldn’t afford their livelihood since the bombardment. People had no position to plough agricultural corps to feed them. They had landmine problem, which had taken many hundred’s lives. It was horrific even more than natural disaster. People can bear the consequences of natural disaster, but they don’t endure human brutality. (Jerry White (1999)

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Identification work in Thailand and the Form Yugoslavia: DVI the answer to natural disasters and war? This dissertation is a literature report.

Table of Contents
Disaster victim identification 1
Introduction 1
Mass fatality incidents 1
Open and closed incidents 2
DVI role and responsibility 3
1. Procurator fiscal 3
2. Coordination groups 3
3. Coroner 4
Conclusion 5
References 6
Chapter-2 7
Introduction 8
Medico Legal death investigation 8
Chapter 3 15
References 20
Chapter-4 21
Identification work analysis 21
Introduction 22
DVI system analysis 22
Critical Analysis of Thailand DVI 22
Critical analysis of Yugoslavia 24
Conclusion 25

Disaster victim identification

Disaster victim identification is widely accepted terminology to describe all appended procedures for identifying and recovering deceased human beings. DVI procedure is hereby subjected under international agreement through Interpol. However, disaster victim identification procedures used to be altered for some specific reason. On each year, thousands of people died as of mass fatality incidents. DVI principles are always found in close relationship with humanity laws.

DVI has become essential in such suburbs, where people are living under immense threatening conditions. Henceforth, the major aims of disaster victim identifications include response to major incidents, chances of recovery, reconciliation, disaster identification, repatriate the decreased, and human safety.

Police used to be mobilized to rescue masses as if some emergency occurs. However, police department can quickly recover people to save their lives. Different teams used to be organized to handle such nasty circumstances. Police head servicemen are felt obligatory to prepare contingency plans to handle emergency situation in better way. Governments never want their servicemen to work lesser in the favor of public. Thereby, assistant police officer is assigned with duty task to evaluate whether police department has certain capacity to appropriately handle disaster victimization or not.

These guidelines have been framed under the light of legal laws. Hereby, these important issues have been given in civil contingencies act 2004 (CCA), the civil contingencies act 2004 (contingency planning), regulations 2005, the statutory guidance HM government (2005 emergency preparedness. In addition, ACPO 2009 act on emergency procures and ACPOS on casualty bureau has their immense importance in DVI. (The radiation (Emergency preparedness and public information) regulations (2001)

In this chapter, the author of study is keen to discuss disaster victim identification whole mechanism. He wants to put loads of light on the subject with the reference of laws. Hence, he wants to highlight the functionality of responsible for DVI. The author of study wants to discuss all prevailing issues of DVI with respect to Thailand and Yugoslavia. He doesn’t want to take disaster in narrow version, which restricts it until natural disaster. He wants to discuss disaster in broader sense. However, disaster caused by nature or war would be discussed within this chapter.

Mass fatality incidents

Mass fatality incidents often occur in the response of natural disasters, where individual capabilities seem less effective. Human beings can mitigate the vulnerabilities, not fully shield them. However, disaster victim identification helps out responsible individuals to take good care of masses before the commencement of any dexterous incidents. Environmentalists have certain recommendations to employ the simplest procedure available to manage natural uncertainties. They can alert to people, but not to help them out to face environmental miseries. In Thailand, fatality incident management is considered join efforts of procurator fiscal and chief executive of the relevant local authority. (Seth Mydans (2011)
Mass fatality decision used to be affected by couple of factors including potential threats, magnitude of natural disaster, incident causes, explosion material formulation, and mortuary capacity.

DVI team must at least capable of evaluating the root cause of disaster. They must have complete understanding to make distinguish between natural disaster and terrorist activity. Henceforth, terrorist activities have been police matter. Once decision is to be taken then mass fatality group would be formulated to handle all correspond.

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