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Management accounting discipline puts maximum information into the mind of managers. However, he may choose the best among all the options. It helps to decision making as of analytical background and performs controlling fundamental functions that directs organization towards profit maximization. In order to analyze the issues happening with management accounting and control systems, it becomes essential to compare both concepts on common grounds. Herewith, accounting management is comprised of product costing, performance evaluation for planning, monitoring, and coordinating on the basis of business operations, budgetary control systems, and behavioral dimensions of control system.

Economic behavior used to be swayed by social institutions and societal structure. Herewith, many researchers have validate believe on process oriented approach as for explicitly explaining the change in management accounting. (Burns, J. (2000) longitudinal case studies are felt better approaches to analyze whether change in accounting management is lucrative or not fruitful. In addition to it, rules normally set parameters for formal practices. For instance, an organization is currently practicing formal budgeting technique as for assigning forecasted figures to their financials activities, operational activities, and investing activities.

Thus, budgeted balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement normally prepare for viewing organization in futuristic scenario. (Burns, J., Baldvinsdottir, G. (2005) Nelson in 1995 merely emphasized on management accounting change inside the organization. This change includes random elements; change over the time, selection of efficient forms and inertia. Herewith, novel practices take birth. On other hand, management accounting may proceed towards further developments under the effect of evolutionary ontology. In following study, expectations are associated with the comprehensive comparison of evolutionary theory and actor networking theory.

Furthermore, the basic conception of institutions differs from routines as institutions help us to understand management accounting stability and change. Hence, institutions are felt responsible for stimulating the continuity in the accounting practices. On other hand, institutions and routine are correlated with culture of organization. The study is conducted for comparing and contrasting two bodies of theory, and their relative contribution in change management accounting and control system.

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