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He is autonomous official, whose job is to secure local areas with the funds of local authorities. In some areas of world, coroners are not appointed. Their work is done by procurator fiscals. Section 8 of the coroner’s act 1988 clearly defines the role of a coroner. Eventually, coroner has legal authorization in its hands whether to seal lips on any death or to issue warrant for suspects. He is supposed to undertake these methods in the cases if unnatural death is noticed, unknown sudden death, and death happened in incarceration. Coroner have to, however, be responsible in the identification of decreased individual. Coroner could advice police department to remove decreased body to cold houses. In addition, coroner is also supposed obligator to look after for toxicology and odontology. Coroners have responsibility on their shoulders to train individual in the context of DVI. (Cabinet office (2011)

At Thailand, coroner has to do same important functions as defined under international laws. Coroner has legal authorization in its hands whether to seal lips on any death or to issue warrant for suspects. He is supposed to undertake these methods in the cases if unnatural death is noticed, unknown sudden death, and death happened in incarceration. Coroner have to, however, be responsible in the identification of decreased individual. Coroner could advice police department to remove decreased body to cold houses. In emergency situations, coroner is supposed responsible in the provision of evidences regarding body. For instance, Bangkok flood water took many thousands lives, and coroners never acknowledge anybody’s death until unless he receives significant proves of death. In case if some dies out station even in such conditions coroner would be felt responsible for body under legal jurisdiction. * Civil contingencies act (contingency planning) regulation (2005)

In Yugoslavia, coroner has same functions as in Thailand. NATO bombardment severely disturb to coroner working. Eventually, he couldn’t completely perform some its functions. In war situation, departmental working is totally affected. Thousands of people were brutally killed in such toxic bombardment of air jets, where millions have been displaced in response to warfare activity. World health organization reported it to be looming with continuous respiratory and pneumonia problems. World health organization teams seriously raise their concerns regarding the safety of masses, where clinics were completely destroyed. People didn’t have food to eat and place to live. Hereby, survivors of bombing had urgency of getting appropriate food and clinical services. The author of study would not categorize this 10 week bombing into close category. Nobody knows the exact number count of people decreased in mean while of bombardment.

Research Methodology

This area outlines explanations as to the data sources, data types and the statistical analysis employed to investigate the aims and objectives of the investigation. Harrad et al (2008) emphasise that various methods of research do exist and one should chose methods consistent with their research. The method to be used in this research is conducting interviews by the gang members and the youth workers. The choice of method has been reached because this allows easy reach of serious respondents, fairy easy to administer and not much pressure is exerted on respondents. The downside to this method might be that there is no guarantee if answers might be biased and observations might be easily being misinterpreted.

Interviews tend to be used for descriptive or exploratory research. Descriptive research, such as that undertaken using attitude and opinion interviews.
Respondents have been warned that anyone wishing to withdraw from the study can do so before interview starts. Once the interviews starts then respondents can not withdraw from the research .The respondents have been assured that their information will be discarded as soon as data analysis is completed. Those who wish to know the results of the study have been directed to the relevant supervisor as soon as the results are known.

Observations and Surveys
Surveys and observations will supplement the information to be derived from the interviews. The researcher is familiar with how the systerm works but the survey and observations have been necessary just to make sure the researcher has first hand information about work operations and authenticity of the data.

The need to be clear about the relationships which are likely to exist between variables. A dependent variable changes in response to changes in other variables. An independent variable causes changes in a dependent variable. An extraneous variable might also cause changes in a dependent variable. Rating have been used on the questionnaires and this ordinal data allows (Harrad et al, 2008) some sort of comparison between datasets. The research questions have taken the likert-scale format system probing either opinions or behaviour in respondents.

Statistical Analysis
Descriptive statistics such as mean, median, mode and standard deviation have been used to identify pattern and variations in the distribution of the data. Harrad et al (2008) reiterates that probably the most important assumption is whether the data are normally distributed or not. Once the nature of the distribution has been determined, we can make a decision as to whether parametric tests or non-parametric test can be used.

Research Timetable
Milestone Target Date Description
Pilot study 1 week Includes administration of interview
Research data collection 1-2 weeks depending on sample size Follow up of interview
Data Analysis 2 weeks Data analysis and drawing conclusions for research.
Write ups 3 weeks Writing up dissertation

Time for this research work has been split between exam study in the evening and research time during the day. The research does not have any costs as envelopes and printing material have been provided. The researchers have used public transport to visit the malls and take opinions from consumers around. Online questionnaires have also been distributed which again have no cost associated to it. There has been no cost of the research since all resources are obtainable online too.

Understanding ethics Concept of ethics

Philosophical developments advanced by think tanks in different fields, has led to human civilization. Medicine, politics, economics, ethics, government, military, business, entrepreneurship, arts and sports, among others, have underestimated the dexterity and prolificacy of philosophers. Philosophers ethics for instance, has been shaped by philosophers such as Aristotle, Emmanuel Kant and John Locke have revolutionized all these particular fields. As a branch of philosophy, ethics is a moral philosophy that addresses the questions concerning morality, goodness or badness of a conduct by an individual or community


He existed between 384 BC and 322 BC; he advocated that ethics be seen as a self realization. To Aristotle, the lucidity of ethics is based on the fact that if an individual acts in accordance with his nature and to the realization of his full potential, he will be contented. Aristotle visualizes ethics as the key contributor to the realization of individual’s full potential. He postulates that at birth, the child is not a person, but the potential to become a person. In order to becomes a real person, that child’s intrinsic potential must be realized. Aristotle mentions that the application of ethics makes the society acts in accordance with nature so as to nurture the child’s latent talents so that he may be complete and contented (Bakewell) .

According to Aristotle the absence of this ethical observation by the parents or the society may lead to frustration and unhappiness. This frustration emanates from the potential that is never realized of a person. Aristotle asserts that this will eventually lead to poor. Ethics is also the most primeval factor in the realization of a happy society since it allows for self actualization, while happiness in itself is seen as the ultimate goal of human existence. To give emphasis to his point, Aristotle maintains that socio-political constructs such as wealth and civic life are the only means to the end, and therefore being ancillary to ethics and the happiness. He advocates that proper ethics must ensure that there is room for awareness of one’s nature, and the subsequent nurturing of one’s talents since they are essential ingredients of happiness according to Aristotle (Barnes) .

To label one or action as “selfless”

To many people the label altruist is likely to solve some difficult mental problem to them. Their definition of altruism is denying ones self for higher good; yet sometimes they do not imagine any person willingly sacrificing all those things that include their conception for the self for some greater cause. After all people with self-interested respect does not willingly give that self respect for anything else. Now how then can a person give accord to the actions that seems to have altruism? To label one or action as “selfless” or “altruistic” will answer this conundrum.

Altruism here is viewed as a character trait while selflessness is seen something that comes easily to somebody because that is part of how he or she work and others does not necessarily posses that same character trait. Some people having explained altruistic actions of others in terms of traits which seemingly they don’t have, need not to speculate further why altruists are motivated to do selfless acts.

This makes those people to fend off some uneasy questions which are of their personal moral duty in relation to altruist’s perceived actions. Therefore polarizing altruism and selfishness to be a personal trait can enable individuals to avoid their moral actions responsibility. Polarity between altruism and self interest will provide a rationalization for failing to be altruistic: because it is viewed as very immense, too much of a sacrifice. This explains apathy and moral laxity towards the problems facing the world.

Emmanuel Kant

Aristotle also views ethics as the force that holds human society and civilization together, since it is ethics that controls the dynamics and reality of human nature. To Aristotle, man and his nature is a trifurcation of the vegetable, the animal and the rational elements. The vegetable elements include the physical aspect of man, and his metabolism, whereas the animal part consists of the appetitive and emotional aspects. The rational part of man on the other hand includes the mental and conceptual aspects of man (Colman) .

According to Aristotle Ethics should allow for the measurement of extremes, for instance, as an ethical concept, courage is seen as the moderation of recklessness and fear. Aristotle sees ethics as a very important factor in the society and suggests that man should not just simply live, but does so well and in conduct that is bridled by moderate virtue. Nevertheless, many see the actualization of this dictum as being so difficult, given that the virtue that is being referred to entails practicing that which is right, at the right time, with proper motivation, for the right reason, to the right party, to the appropriate extent and in the correct manner (Hughes) .

Emmanuel Kant

He did his works between April 22nd, 1724 and February 12th, particularly, it is vital to note that Kant was mainly interested in deontology, as an ethical approach that asserts the rightness or goodness of an object, an element or an idea. As such, Kant postulates that it is better and more accurate to observe the rules and duties that are related to the action. It is due to this reasons that Kant’s philosophy on ethics is seen as being deontological.

Kant asserts that, “To act in an ethically upright manner, an individual must have acted from duty,” Kant went ahead to illustrate that it is not the consequences of the actions carried out that makes an act right or wrong, but the benefits received by the majority. The Kantian point of view on ethics maintains that, “Elements deemed to be good, such as pleasure, intelligence and perseverance cannot be counted to be taken to be intrinsically good, or in the absence of qualification” (Kant) .

While intelligence can be used by an individual to harm others, pleasure can be derived from watching other people languish in poverty and misery. Perseverance may also be used as a weapon or a stratagem employed by an individual against his perceived enemy. As such, all these are constructs that are good by the look at the facade, but in reality, they portend actions that are ethically worse.

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