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EU single market operations have been installed in 1985 for the purpose to make movement within European Union countries without technical, physical and tax related barriers. However, the main aim of European Union committee was to stimulate commercial and industrial expansion as by attaining unified market operations in the favor of European countries. Later on, it became a great threat for whole world because developed countries came to this side for giving tough time to whole world. In single market operations; companies may take couple advantage over rest of competitors as EU companies may expand their manufacturing plants around EU countries. For instance, fabric manufacturing companies don’t afford extra expenditure on employees therefore they prefer to open up their manufacturing plants where they can find cheap labor rates. Hence, they open up such setups in where they can find their desired advantage. in single market operations activities used to be interlinked with each other therefore its main purpose is to produce products for community market. On other hand, a holding authority is needed to control all these functions on ground level that is European Union, which is supposed responsible for taking care of community harmonization legislation. They need to ensure health concerning issues covered by manufacturer. Hence, single market operations used to be surveillance by regional authorities as for knowing the convenient and promising features available by company to its valuable customers. (EC regulatory authority (2010).

As far as objectives of single market are concerned, the intentions behind in coalition of market forces are to merged together in order to work freely and unified system against external market forces. European Union member states don’t want to let any other state allow interpenetrating through loopholes therefore a joint action has been taken against dominant market elements. For this particular reason, emergence of euro currency came into experience, which is good sign for all European countries as it protected them from the worries of exchange rates. Single market operations don’t offer tax constraints to companies. Thus, companies can carry their equipment and plants within specified region.

Research objectives:

  1. We want to study EU single market operations
  2. We want to investigate the impact of a failure to harmonize taxes.
  3. We want to investigate the role of EU single market in the context of tax implementation.
  4. We want to study; why problems can this cause

Design Management Dissertation

Design Management is a discipline in business which incorporates the techniques of various other disciplines such as supply chain project management to foster an environment of creativity and construct an organizational structure for design. Design Management is utilized to achieve strategic goals of an organization through an effective and efficient design.

Design management can indeed be used to enhance the productivity / business performance of ethnic minorities business in the inner cities of U.K.

Ethnic minorities can use design management in a number of ways to help their businesses achieve more productivity (Barot ,1999: 24). The various features of design management can be utilized in a number of ways to help the various issues surrounding the business performance of ethnic minorities within inner cities of U.K.

The ethnic minority in U.K is expanding and becoming richer rapidly. One in ten businesses in U.K are owned by ethnic minorities. There are over 15000 businesses of ethnic minorities in Greater London alone, according to estimation (

The Government is using design management to help the various sectors of ethnic minorities in their businesses. In March, David Cameron promised to help black entrepreneurs. Tory leader wants to ‘take down the barriers that stop so many black people realizing their potential’ (

The U.K government also announced The Inner City Entrepreneurs’ fund to provide assistance to the businesses of ethnic minorities in the inner cities (

The ethnic minorities could use product design management to design products which would give their businesses  originality and also to create different marketing approaches which would allow them to increase awareness about their products.

The ethnic minorities could use Brand design management to better manage brand design management. The ethnic minorities should focus on their brand to create better customer relationships (Macmillan havnani ,2006: 19).

In order to gain better visual representation the ethnic minorities could use design to churn out products and strategies which would allow them to show to the consumer market that they have products or services which are attractive to the market.

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Structure of the report

The research report will incorporate certain chapters and these the description of these chapters are listed below:

This chapter will incorporate the basic marketing terminologies that are related with this research and it would also include the background of the research. In the similar manner it can also be said that this section set up the scene for the dissertation and gives the general context that is used during the whole discussion.

Literature Review
This chapter would focus on the literature analysis that is closely related with Tesco and other small retail outlets operating in United Kingdom. Emphasis is laid on the marketing strategies and terminologies that are closely related with the aspect of marketing. This chapter will incorporate the secondary sources and these secondary sources will give abundant knowledge so that the hypothesis can be accepted or rejected.

Research Methodology
Emphasis is laid on this chapter because this chapter will discuss that what research strategy will be used to carry out the research. This chapter will focus on different areas of research and incorporate the benefits and limitations of the research. In the similar manner the primary research analysis is also incorporated in this research.

Findings and Analysis
This chapter would focuses on the results and the findings of the research. The findings would primarily focus on the secondary and primary sources. In the similar manner it can also be said that empirical findings and results are actually analyzed in this section.
Conclusion and recommendations

This will be the final chapter of the dissertation this section presents the conclusion of the entire thesis and recommendations following references and bibliography, appendix, abbreviations used in this report.

Marketing Mix

Market direction is the crux of marketing. It explains how to satisfy the needs of the market through an understanding and reaction to local needs, which cover those of final and intermediate customers, competitors and the external environment and results in to superior performance (Narver & Slater, 1990). Because of the retail industry’s close contact with the market and customers, it makes sense to examine market direction as a tool to judge the accomplishment of Tesco.

Market direction is of even greater consequence when entry into emerging industries is carried out by a Western retailing firm, which shows that a familiar understanding and response to customer needs is important.
Tesco’s management puts a focus on customer needs because of the ‘Tesco Values’ attitude, which is stated as two values – “no one tries harder for customers; treat people how we like to be treated.” The values are distributed by an internal marketing plan, which covers dissemination of company newspaper to employees. In spite of this, these values originate from the UK and acknowledgment of a requirement for country-specific ways and local can be less important then corporate unity.

Tesco has a name for creative information solutions, and its ‘Clubcard’ loyalty scheme and web sites are critical to this. Tesco is the UK’s largest retailer and due to this has a noteworthy customer base on which evaluation can be performed. Due to the fact that many of those customers come back at weekly or similar intervals, Clubcard data and ties are both deep and wide. Appropriately, Clubcard has great promise to influence consumer behaviour in the UK. Employees are trained on the value of Clubcard, and the first opening was preceded by enthusiastic internal marketing. Clubcard is not only closely connected with business processes, but supports with the brand and brand strategy as the active manifestation of the brand’s personality and its values (Humby, Hunt, & Phillips, 2004).
There are various proportions of Tesco’s online customer experience, counting convenice of use, rate of site, significance, value, service, and product development. Tesco is consistently creating more online products to satisfy the needs of the customers. For example, Tesco has of late started offering music downloads in addition to a grocery delivery service that covers wine and white goods.

Tesco utilizes this product range to develop a robust customer experience as a customer can do a one stop shop rather than purchasing products from numerous vendors. For the online customer, convenience of operations is a key factor in their purchasing decisions. Hard work has been carried out to reduce the amount of time it requires a customer to carry out their first order. The time has reduced considerably from one hour to 35 minutes. This offers a much more enhanced customer experience.

There are three aspects to Tesco’s utilization of technology in marketing information gathering and planning. The first dimension is data collection, of which the Clubcard that could be examined at the till is a key basis. After this, ‘EPOS’ tills were mounted that could gather information from every transaction. Clubcard connects with a considerable number of corporate partners with respect to the dispersion and delivery of rewards. Tesco permits customers to obtain rewards from transactions as unrelated as travel, dry cleaning, and car maintenance. In addition, several of these activities will be carried out in the locality of the Tesco store that the customer usually uses, and from a customer experience point of view increases their relation with the local retailing community. From a customer data point of view, the chance to earn Clubcard points through partner organisations means that Tesco is able to increase its customer profiles relating to their purchasing activities to realms beyond supermarket shopping. For instance, a customer who gains points though the utilization of Auto centre is offering the data that makes it achievable for Tesco to gather data about the model of car that their customers drive.

The second dimension is customer interactions – customers can accumulate points through the scheme because of activities with different partners, and because of their online purchases. Tesco is responsible for a diversity of relations that the customer has with the name, and attempts to reward every relation. Clubcard creates a strong bond between the ‘click and brick’ (online and in-store) aspects of the business. By gathering data through both media, Tesco can without difficulty see the resemblance and discrepancies between online and offline customers, with respect to what they buy, how they react to the service and how they mix media.

In addition, data gathered through customer interactions with one media, such as in store can provide precious ideas for potential new customers, and methods to make better operations related to the creation of other media or services. Other then the basic direct marketing methods, Tesco also offers special offers to its most loyal customers. These unique offers help to tie the customer to the firm. An extended emphasis has been how to raise the frequency of customer visits. Tesco tackles this problem by sending incentives to all customers deemed dormant. The company also offers more deals to the customer ‘after the first shop after a break’ (Chaffey, Ellis-Chadwick, Johnston, & Mayer, 2008). Tesco has thus used comprehensive customer information to go further than others whose loyalty schemes only present the customer a decrease of the price paid at the checkout.

About Small Retailers

For the purposes of this paper a small retailer is defined as a retailer that employs between zero and 10 employees. As per this definition, in London in 2004 there were 34,763 small retailers with a total of 104,154 employees.  Employing this same explanation, in Great Britain (Great Britain) in 2004 there were a total of 243,508 small retailers employing a total of 831,099 employees.  Small retailers make up 87 per cent of all retailers in London and  85 per cent for Great Britain as a whole. London consists of approximately 14 per cent of all small retailers in the whole of Great Britain.

During the years 1998 and 2004 the number of small retailers reduced by 4 per cent (a full amount of a little over 10,000 small retailers) in Great Britain, and by 2.3 per cent (a little more than 800 small retailers) in London. During the same duration of time the number of large retailers (defined as those employing 10 or more employees) heightened by 9.5 per cent in Great Britain, and by 13 per cent in London.  On the other hand, carefulness is required when utilizing such figures to form an opinion on differences in the number of different sized retailers across time. This is due to the fact that the number of small retailers as explained by the number of employees can be distorted by a number of elements. First of all, the number may be increased by a rise in the quantity of new retail business that have sprung up. On second count, the quantity may be reduced by a number of small retail organizations exiting the industry. In addition to these factors the quantity of small retailers may rise if several medium-sized retailers decrease their employees and downsize (and as a result be re-categorized as small retailers). And last of all, the quantity of small retailers may reduce if several small retailers increase in size and turn into medium-sized retail businesses. For this reason, even as there has been a smaller decrease in the quantity of small retailers in London as compared to the UK, over the past few years it is hard to be accurate about the causes for this discrepancy.

As has become obvious from other research on the retail industry, and as the small retailer firms revealed to us during the course of this study, it is hard to acquire data from retailers themselves. For this reason most of the data acquired for this paper ha to be obtained from interviews with small retailer firms, instead of from straightforward responses from small retailers themselves

After a study of the literature and the resulting study, this dissertation then examines a few of the possible steps small retailers might execute in order to alleviate the harmful effects of some of these problems and ends by summarizing the main results of the paper and discusses the suggestions for retailers to take.

My argument is that self-interest concept

Human altruism has got that complication of compassion that is sometimes being confused to have the same meaning as altruism. These words have two different meanings; with compassion meaning an emotion while altruism means action. Even though they are connected a person can act in an altruistic way without necessary sharing the feelings of other people, but a person may feel compassion without doing altruistic action.

Some arguments has been made against altruism calculation theories based on decisions to do some altruistic actions, just to say; for example a person jumping into a river to save some drowning teenager, may not be made based on the calculation of genetic inheritance, but because of emotions and feelings towards doing good. These two words seems to be both having influence in decision making, and the issue of neurological mechanisms playing into these makes it to separate them from each other when evaluating such actions.

There is a relationship between selfishness and altruism and the perceived split between the two false and damaging to the moral integrity. My argument is that self-interest concept can be reinterpreted to include doings which are generally viewed as altruistic or maybe selfness, giving examples to support it. The combination of the two requires definition which is less dualistic but growth oriented than just morality that most people express.
Ditochomy in altruism and selfishness

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